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Welcome to West Home 

We hope you enjoy your stay

Welcome from the Owners

Dear Guests

Welcome to West Home!  If you are reading this letter, you have arrived safely and hopefully had no trouble finding our cottage.

West Home has been in our family for three decades and it’s been through a lot. Countless games of dominoes, seafood feasts on the kitchen table and a few drams relaxing by the coal fire after a wee stroll up the mountain above. If you look out the kitchen window Liathach (The Grey One) is 3461 feet high so, please make sure you are well prepared. If you are planning to go up, do not attempt to climb it in trainers or flip flops or you may well find you come down it a lot quicker than going up.

In all seriousness your safety is paramount to us as a family, there is not much we can do regarding the hazards associated with outdoor life other than to ask you to plan and prepare your activities however, we can care for you as soon as you come through the rusty iron gates at the front.

If you do intend to use the open fireplace, please let the ashes cool completely in the fireplace until there are no remaining hot embers before removing them using the metal bucket provided.

We know you must be ready to relax and start your holiday, we also want you to make yourself at home right away. All we ask is for you to go through the cottage and report any problems within the first 24 hours to us, or our housekeeper Anne, and we will endeavour to rectify any issues you may find as soon as practicable.

Should you have any questions during your stay, feel free to contact us.  We also have a guestbook which we encourage you to browse through and leave your own comment.

Now! enjoy your holiday, stay safe and beware those pesky midges.

Happy Holiday from The Sewell Family

PS From May 2022 we will be taking bookings ourselves through our website and not via our letting agent.